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A cover up and liars.Don't hold your breath on the weekend as they may refuse to show up.

I have been the only caregiver for a 64 year old veteran with chf. He was retaining fluid and very weak so I brought him to the ER. They admitted and kept him for a week and he had requested to go to the VA Hospital. Doctors were taking tests but did not drain his fluid like the Veteran's Hospital always does.

He was confused because they weren't being straight forward with him. I spoke to head nurse telling them he wanted to know what they were doing. Two doctors came in thru the week while I was visiting and just told me he was very ill. No straight answer.

Next thing they send him home in an ambulance to start hospice care. The first night he was home he was on the phone with me and sounded fine. I do not live there but he has a roommate. The roommate told me that Dr Abassi had perscribed medications which arrived to the door by a young girl from a pharmacy.

A bottle of liquid morphine, lorazepam and hydrocodone and haldoperidol and another drug that was used for stool softening. I arrived the next day to find him sleeping and very sedated. A paper was left with those narcotics that said: CALL HOSPICE NOT 911 Colonial Heights Office 804 504 0031 I asked the roommate what drugs he took and he said they were told to take perscribed dose of morphine by syringe. He honestly looked grim and I was perplexed why they would deliver such serious narcotics with no one to administer them.

A girl answered the phone and told me that if I needed anything to call them. It all seemed too careless or odd that the roommate and the patient were left to figure this out on their own. I called to have a nurse come over who explained some things and said just call if I need and they would tell me what to do. Second day he had not been responsive but sat up unable to speak and he was twitching on his entire right side of body.

I called and person suggested it would be fine to put a lorazepam under his tongue. Now he was sitting with legs swollen hanging on side of bed back to unresponsive but breathing (he had never been responsive or able to talk now for 2 days) so I propped large pillows against his back to the wall and put a chair with pillow to keep his feet elevated. It was the weekend and I called again because his body was getting so swollen and his stretch pants were cutting off his circulation. His wrist band was so tight.

The roommate and I cut the wristband off. Then I started to really worry. I knew he had not had food or water for two days and by the 3rd day lack of water is dangerous. I also cut his pants up to loosen as they were cutting off his supply.

I noticed he had not had any bowel movement nor had he urinated for those two days being unconscious. I wanted to move his body from the sideway position back to laying comfortably on the bed but he was a dead weight and so I called them to come by and help. Some very young sounding voice on the phone said we can't come over to help because "We have two other people who are dying." I replied to him, "Isn't this what is happening to him too?" I asked if I could call the EMT's and he really didn't seem concerned and so I told him that is what I was going to do. I called the police station and explained that they had him under hospice but could they please send some men to help me move his body straight on the bed and also take a look at him.

They arrived immediatel. 5 very nice men in uniform pulled the firetruck up and also an ambulance. It took all 5 to pick him up to move him straight on the bed. They suggested after taking vitals he should go back to the hospital.

I was so relieved and happy they were going to get him there but then they said I must call a next of kin who had been put in the system as medical directive. All this red tape for Hospice! I called that person who had never been involved with his healthcare at anytime and may have come to visit may be twice a year! The next of kin contacted hospice and one of the nurses claimed (of whom I hadn't spoken to him about calling the EMTs but the younger person who said he couldn't come over) that all I called them for was TO ASK TO CHANGE THE SHEETS on the bed!

Absolute lie! 5 men were my witness that this patient needed moving and also assistance. Somehow they told his kin they were sending someone and the nurse who lied over and they were going to bring him to the hospital. This waiting time was well over an hour by the time they arrived in 30 minutes and then went in the room with a few young people with no one introducing themselves or giving any credentials.

All the long the patient was completely unresponsive but at least still alive. They were going through papers and marking things down on a clip board never saying a word to me. I found this surreal. The roommate and I were left in the living room and kept out of the picture completely.

I saw them trying to use the bedsheets like a hammock to move his body from the bed to this gurney they brought in from a long truck that looked nothing like an ambulance that had some lame blinkers on. They were really having trouble moving his body and I wondered why the EMTs weren't allowed to come back. They bumped his body around and finally got him on the gurney and the woman in charge shut the door because she didn't want me to see what they were doing. They bumped him down the stairs and got him in the vehicle/truck and transported him themselves back to the hospital.

I went to visit him that morning and he was sitting up and talking but groggy. I tried to tell him how odd everything was and how thankful I was that he did not pass away. The next of kin took the narcotics back to his house. I asked the Doctor by writing a note and asking the nurses to give the doctor the note why his kin took all those bottles to his house.

I also found the nurse that came in told me I can't use my phone to record a conversation with him and that it wouldn't hold up in a court of law. I tried to remain pleasant but I didn't understand why they were acting so defensive and peculiar. I wanted to make sure that this patient of whom was my friend and I had always helped him was being written off as much as for dead at that house and why all these weird things happened that night. I came back later to visit with a valentines balloon and a teddy bear for his room and was helping him cut his food and the door burst open.

A woman with a white jacket and badge and two security guards told me I was not allowed to see him and I had to be immediately escorted off the property. I was not allowed to talk to him by phone nor was his roommate! Orders of his next of kin they said! His next of kin took his cell phone also.

Finally one week later he has come back home and I was able to tell him what happened. His roommate and I are happy he is alive and well, but we will never understand the secret dealings that were going on behind that door. The patient/my friend told me they were telling him all kinds of things and that I had been causing trouble. If caring about saving his life and asking questions of why drugs are being sent to a wrong location with the kin who is not the patient is causing trouble then they must have been afraid of something.

They never responded to my request to help him that night until I called the EMTs who verified that man needed to get to the hospital. There is so much more that I can't keep writing it all. Do not allow these people to drop off narcotics or push you around or make you feel you are imposing on them.

Never forget Patient Rights and if you suspect they *** the patient up so they can't help themselves or they impede those of us who wish only to SAVE A LIFE (which I thought should be a priority regardless of what condition they claim the patient is in) Make sure you prepare yourself because they will turn on you and act very unprofessional, indignant and handle the patient in a manner I consider disrespectful and careless!Beware and stay away from these people!

Review about: Gentiva Medical Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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